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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

Another week, another edition of Market Finds. Take a look below to see five of the finest collector cars the Classic Driver Market has to offer.

Trident tested

While some erroneously think of the MC12 as a simply a re-skinned Enzo, Maserati’s approach of picking a proven platform and homologating it for the GT1 division produced what is undeniably one of the most jaw-dropping cars of the 21st century. This 2004 Maserati MC12 is just barely run-in with only 839 miles under its belt, and as there are just 50 of these V12 unicorns in the world, the opportunities to acquire one in such outstanding condition are few and far between. Finished in the iconic blue and white paint scheme that is so intrinsic to the character of the MC12, we can’t think of any car that would steal looks away from this Maserati. 


Good Grifo

Well, isn’t this a beauty? Before you is a 1970 Iso Grifo Targa S, one of only 14 ever built. Designed by Bertone and powered by a rock-solid 300hp Chevy 327 cubic inch V8 connected to a ZF five-speed manual, this car represents the best of both worlds, boasting American grunt and European good looks. The medium blue metallic exterior beautifully contrasts the light grey interior, which was retrimmed in the early 2000s. With all original panels and a relatively low mileage of 42,627 miles, this stunning Targa is one you could enjoy all year round. 


Outback boss

There’s a famous Aussie saying: if you want to go into the Outback, take a Land Rover, but if you want to come back, take a Land Cruiser. This 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ 40 is the very model that earned the Land Cruiser its reputation for bulletproof reliability, after all, Toyota had to make sure their off-roader was second to none if they wanted to steal buyers away from the established American and British 4x4s. This car’s odometer reading of 173,984 miles should only serve as further proof of these Land Cuisers’ indestructibility, and while that level of mileage might scare buyers away form other cars, in the case of this BJ 40 it’s barely finished its post-assembly shake-down. So, if you want to explore the far corners of the Earth this summer, look no further for your adventure mobile. 


Sleeper agent

For the most part, Americans have to stare longingly across the pond at the fantastic drivers’ cars we Europeans get to enjoy that don’t make it to the states. However, if there’s one car in the American market that we’ve always been jealous of, it’s the decommissioned police cars like this awesome 2009 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor. Available for less than a low-tier hot hatch, this Interceptor still boasts much of the cop gadgetry you’d hope it would, such as the siren, red and blue lights, and walkie-talkie, although we wouldn’t encourage testing them out nearby any European Police. With just under 100,000 miles on the clock, this Interceptor still has plenty of donuts left in it. 


Cliché away 

It’s the oldest cliché in the motor journalist’s handbook, but this 2021 McLaren 620R really is a race car for the road. Seriously, in case the roof intake and dive planes didn’t give it away, the 620R is little more than the track-only 570s GT4 with number plates and a smidge more ride height. That means no carpets, no stereo, no air con, and even no glovebox, all thrown in the bin in the interest of weight saving. One thing this example does have is that new car smell, because it has covered only 2,401 miles since it left Woking. So, if you’re either a die-hard racing driver or a bit of a masochist, your perfect daily is ready and waiting.