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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

With one more day to go before the weekend, we’ve found five bonafide classics that will steal your attention for the rest of the week. Whether you’re into French or British cars, or prefer being on the slopes or the shores, we’ve found a classic for you.

The beach bus

This 1979 Fiat 900 T Introzzi may not be a looker, but it certainly looks like a tonne of fun. If there’s a better car to take you and all your friends to the beach this summer, we certainly haven’t seen it. After all, spiaggine were designed as beach cars first and foremost, and this Introzzi even has a diving board built right in, although we highly doubt it’s load-bearing. Considering how much front and rear overhand this car has, you won’t be able to climb any dunes, but this completely restored beach mobile will certainly ensure you have as much fun in the sun as possible. 


Mach 1 

With Bugatti EB 110s breaking auction records all over the place this year, we’re very interested to see what this 1994 Bugatti EB110 GT Prototype fetches at RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island 2022 auction. Minimally used by the factory for promotional and exhibition purposes, this example has covered a mere 681 miles making it practically brand new. If you can find a lower mileage EB 110, you’ve probably been involuntarily transported back in time. For once, this might be a car we’d possibly recommend you refrain from driving, however the experience of driving a factory-fresh EB 110 is probably as priceless as the car itself. 


Racy in green 

As far as rare Astons go, there are very few that beat this 1956 Aston Martin DB3S in terms of scarcity. In total, Aston Martin only built 20 production DB3Ss, of which only three were Fixed Head Coupes like this example, a number which now stands at just two. Ordered for David Brown himself, chassis DB3S/120 still retains its original body and engine making its provenance hard to match. While its proportions may look slightly ungainly, we love this car’s streamlined lines that were so typical of the 50s. If you’ve got an inordinate amount of cash and want to steal the show at any concours in the world, then you’re looking at your new ride. 


Four-door Ferrari 

This is a car we really had trouble including in Market Finds, simply because we don’t want anyone buying it before we do. Behold! A 1988 Lancia Thema 8.32, aka the closest thing you can get to a four door Ferrari without waiting for the Purosangue SUV (which is obviously an inferior choice). With a healthy 66,487 miles on the clock, this Thema has a lovely 3.0-litre 8-cylinder Ferrari engine up front and a whole herd’s worth of leather inside. 215 bhp might not seem like a  crazy power figure in 2022, but the 6.8 second 0-60 time is still admirable. Besides, this car clearly puts style above performance, and we’d wager it’s almost impossible to look more stylish than someone behind the wheel of a Thema 8.32. 


A log cabin on wheels

If you’ve got a mountain to climb this ski season, this is the car to do it in - a 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. Built exclusively for 1991, the Final Edition is the Wagoneer’s highly desirable runout special, and this example looks to be in great condition with just over 50,000 miles on the odometer. Finished in Spinnaker Blue Metallic and with enough wood panelling to embarrass a Swiss chalet, this is the perfect all-weather runaround for those family skiing holidays.