Ventus Garage gave this Moto Guzzi V65 a clean bill of health

We rarely see custom Moto Guzzi V65s, even more so those built in Eastern Europe. This impossibly clean café racer was created by Kraków-based Ventus Garage, and boasts a black-and-orange colour scheme that should keep Western European builders on their toes…

Factory finish

The brutish 1990s Guzzi V65 is perhaps not the most obvious basis for a neo-classical café racer build, but the folks at Ventus Garage have met their mark, with a raft of small modifications that add up to make a big difference. Most notably, the bike has been lowered by four inches at the front and 2.5 at the back, thus lowering the centre of gravity and, in turn, transforming the riding experience. From the frame modified to accommodate that distinct café-racer tailpiece to the flawless paintwork and skilfully crafted leather seat, the details are clean and tasteful, softening the original V65’s bulky and slightly intimidating aesthetics. 

Photos: Ventus Garage / Marcin Malicki

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