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This Moto Guzzi will make you green with envy

Whether it’s a faultlessly tailored suit, a fine watch, or, in this case, a custom motorbike, if the underlying design is of a certain calibre, there’s no need to shout with audacious colourings. As this Moto Guzzi V1000 proves, when mastered properly, understated needn’t be underwhelming…

Sensational Celeste

The work of French outfit Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues, the original bulky bodywork was swiftly swapped for the slender pieces now adorning the bike, with the tank crafted from steel and the fairing and tail from aluminium. It would be an injustice to interfere with these newly formed flowing lines with a stock exhaust, so a new exhaust unit was fabricated to integrate cleanly, just like the lights and indicators. Suspension was heavily revised with Öhlins forks and rear shocks, while Avon Roadrider tyres keep the vintage aesthetic while also offering more-than-adequate grip. Subtle tweaks to the 949cc engine, including Dell’Orto PHM 40 carburettors, provide some extra grunt and make it the perfect complement to that Moto Bianchi-inspired pistachio paint that so expertly showcases the lines of this Italian stallion. A classic recipe, indeed, and one of the tastiest Moto Guzzis you’re likely to see…

Photos: Charles Séguy

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