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Make off-roading child’s play with the Honda Grom 50 Scrambler Concepts

As if Honda’s Grom micro-motorcycles weren’t popular enough, the Japanese giant has revealed these two scrambler versions ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show. It’s amazing the difference some knobbly tyres, mudguards and skid-plates can make…


The humble Honda Grom is universally adored by enthusiasts for its simplicity, affordability and pure riding enjoyment – you’ll find no monster 1,200cc engines here. Honda has revealed no further information about the Grom 50 Scrambler Concepts, which, as things stand, appear to be just that – concepts. If the Grom faithful like the look of the retro motorcycles as much as we do, perhaps Honda should take note. Could you have more fun on a motorcycle? We suspect not. 

Photos: Honda