The Low Season: A solo trip to Ladakh by Royal Enfield

The protagonist is young, ambitious and in search of a challenging adventure. But winter in the Indian region of Ladakh is harsh, with the mud beneath the wheels of his Royal Enfield soon turning into snow, and then ice. Is the solo explorer out of his depth?

Ladakh is famous for its isolated mountain passes (some of the highest in the world), and these proved to be the main attraction for filmmaker Andrew David Watson. During the ‘low season’, signs of life are scarcer still – yet he managed to find a shop from which to rent a Royal Enfield, and a guest house that would lend him the required cold-weather clothing. Watson documented his trip along the famous Khardung La pass in his signature visual style – the only thing more impressive than the resulting short film is the fact that he filmed and produced it on his own. Challenge well and truly completed.

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