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Explore Milan’s hidden marvels with Type 7’s latest travel book

After the resounding success of their first travel guide, which showcased the many hidden gems of Tokyo, Type 7 is back with an all-new guide to the coolest spots Milan has to offer.

Wouldn’t it be great to possess a perfectly curated, stylish and yet incredibly detailed guide to some of the world’s finest cities? Well, Type 7 are on a mission to make this dream a reality, and having started with Tokyo, they now return with their sequel, putting a spotlight on one of Italy’s most culturally significant and oh-so stylish cities: Milan.

Focusing in on this iconic European city’s deep affiliation for fashion, the arts, and world-class food, Type 7 have created this essential guide with detailed categories for any visitor. Whether you’re after somewhere to eat, drink, rest, shop, stare in amazement, or switch-off entirely, each category gives travellers a special view of the city, with locations carefully selected and tested by the Type 7 team. Talk about a dream job!

While carefully dodging the most crowded spots, the guide is designed to provide value to anyone visiting for a day, a weekend, or even those starting an entirely new life in this bustling city. Spread over 200 incredibly well-designed pages, the book delves deeper into the city’s love for tradition, modernism, effortless style, and great coffee, to name just a few. 

Expanding on the concept of '24 Hours in Tokyo' from the first guide, the Type 7 Guide to Milan goes even further, helping to simplify the city’s seemingly never-ending array of restaurants, bars, and cafes with an array of playful icons related to what the most special locations are best known for - whether that’s the negroni sbagliato at Bar Basso, or Sant Ambroeus’s world-renowned tiramisu. The Guide to Milan is now available and ready to be enjoyed via the CD Shop!