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From Blossoms to Bullet Trains: Discover a new world with Type 7’s Guide to Tokyo

It’s a dream destination for so many around the world, a true melting pot of culture, style, wealth, heritage, and the coolest cars. Tokyo is the futuristic trendsetter in so many genres, and now ERG Media and Type 7 have created the ultimate travel guide.

It’s a city that feels as though it’s from another century for so many. A city full of life, full of opportunities, full of rich heritage and tradition, and a home to some of the world’s greatest hotels, restaurants, bars, and more hidden gems than you could ever possibly need. Tokyo does all of this with complete ease and has one of the greatest classic and collector car scenes in the entire world. It seems there is very little this sense-overloading land can’t do, and you’d be right, making it the ideal spot for exploration, with a little help from Type 7 – the daily magazine powered by Porsche.

In this slick publication, the first of a new line of premium travel guides published by ERG Media, the talented team of creatives showcase the enchanting city of Tokyo, encapsulating the vast city into essential categories, with the best places to eat, drink, shop, and rest when the jet lag takes over. 

Spread over 220 pages filled with incredible photography from Peter Sayn-Wittgenstein, Yurina Hattori Roche, Thomas Walk, Oliver Strafford and Ted Gushue that showcase the ever-changing backdrops and landscapes of this bustling city. Lead Editor and the visionary behind ERG Media, Ted Gushue explores the city using his long-term friends Peter and Yurina as the perfect tour guides, highlighting how these two would approach their weekend explorations while narrowing in on the city’s unique locations. 

It's perhaps one of the hardest tasks to complete correctly, visiting an entirely new country and city but to fit in as though you are a well-established local, and yet, this book is exactly that is needed to find those hidden gems unknown to the regular tourist. The ‘Eat’ category for example is loaded to the brim with a mouth-watering selection of some of Japan’s best dishes, featuring a selection that ranges from the luxurious to the clandestine sushi spots in Tsukiji fish market’s alleyways, and what Ted expresses he believes to be the most revolutionary and delectable pizza globally. Strong words Ted!

We’re beyond excited to see where Type 7’s in-depth travel guides lead us to next, but one thing is for certain, we know it will be full of places we have to try for ourselves! Pick up your copy of Type 7’s Guide to Tokyo in the CD Shop now!