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The Johammer J1 e-bike is a modern-day Imperial speeder

It seems a new e-bike comes to market every week at the moment, but few are as futuristic (or Austrian) as the Johammer J1, capable of 125 miles on a single charge…

e-Hammer time

Is this the end of ‘range anxiety’, at least in two-wheeled form? Quite possibly – and the designers sure want to shout about it, given the J1’s appearance, which resembles an Imperial speeder crossed with a stalk-eyed fly. Beneath the curious mono-body, a stack of batteries is mounted low in the frame, sending power to the 11kW motor mounted within the hub of the rear wheel. This can propel the J1 to a top speed of 74mph, and can be monitored, along with other information, via one of the two high-resolution screens integrated into the rear-view mirrors.

Photos: Johammer

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