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Deus ex Machina just made the sidecar sexy...

Custom motorcycles have come a long way since a handful of hardcore enthusiasts decided to scrap the basic rules of customising. Now the creativity of bike builders is flourishing: take a look at the latest creation straight from the Italian workshops of Australian customiser Deus ex Machina...

The Deus Yard Built XV950 ‘D-Side’ is a stunning piece of machinery combining custom bike and sidecar – the first of its kind built by the Milanese arm of the popular bike customisers. “When we saw the bike for the first time, we realised that the frame of the XV allowed us to do some modifications without any cutting to the frame,” says Emanuele Vicinanza from Deus ex Machina. “This is probably the first time that we did a bike this way. Instead of cutting, we added some parts. We've made a rear frame and changed the position of the saddle.” But Deus didn't stop there. The custom builders also added the aluminium front, aluminium fuel tank, custom aluminium air-intake and cone filter, the rear fenders and a 6-piston Deus/Discacciati brake system. 

A boat-load of inspiration

The inspiration for this custom-built work of art stemmed from vintage boats – hence the boat shape of the sidecar unit and the wooden deck at the rear (for that extra pair of biker gloves and sunglasses). The stripped-back style – showcasing the XV's V-twin engine – and surf rack between sidecar and bike are reminiscent of the Deus SR500 ‘Drover’s Dog’. Once again, Deus has taken a cool bike and added yet another layer of cool… just when everyone thought it impossible. 

Text: Frank Diebel
Video: Deus ex Machina