Black & Green Hornet: Kaffeemaschine 9

Hot news from Hamburg-based custom bike barista Axel Budde: he’s built another ‘Kaffeemaschine’. This, his ninth, is based on a 1978 Moto Guzzi SP. And guess what? He’s called it ‘Maschine 9’.

For the first time ever, it’s not built to order and is available immediately...

You can find out more about the bike in the Classic Driver Marketplace as, for the first time ever, it’s not built to order and is available immediately. But here’s a brief low-down on what makes the German customiser tick (and weld, and fabricate and stuff).

Budde started with a stock Moto Guzzi SP and totally disassembled it. The engine was carefully rebuilt, with special Budde 1000cc pistons and cylinders, larger inlet valves and 36mm carbs. The frame was modified to take the tank from a Moto Guzzi Le Mans II, while sundry small parts and details were fabricated in aluminium. The stainless steel exhaust is hand made.

More than a ristretto lungo

“I wanted,” said Budde, “a motorcycle with a less extreme seating position that can be ridden in a relaxed way. This matches the combined braking system engineered for this bike: by pressing the pedal, both wheels are slowed.” The classic look is preserved by fitting Wilbers dampers at the rear, coupled with Yamaha front forks.

Budde continued: “Because the electrics (now reduced to a minimum) were moved, we have found room for a glove box between the side covers in the frame. The bag and the seat were made by our regular saddle-maker Alex Rothe of Weitgehendgar, who has developed a collection of leather goods for classic and customised bikes.”

It’s normally the case that Axel Budde only builds to order. Maschine 9, though, is available for immediate delivery and is listed in the Classic Driver Marketplace.

You can read more about the fantastic bespoke work, including leather accessories, available from Kaffeemaschine by visiting