The Bel & Bel Zero Scooter perfects the classic optical illusion

This week’s ‘Two Wheel Tuesday’ is a bit of an unorthodox one. Merging futuristic technology and classic styling, Spanish studio-workshop Bel & Bel have released the ‘Scooter Zero’: a Segway-style autobalancing scooter, clothed in a design reminiscent of a classic Vespa moped…

New balance

Supplied either as a single unit, or as a kit that can be retro-fitted to the NineBot autobalancer upon which it’s based , the Bel & Bel Scooter Zero is apparently available in ‘infinite colours’, and even has Bluetooth compatibility with Android and Apple devices. It might not quite have the charm of a 1950s scooter, but it’ll certainly turn more heads – particularly if you take a late morning ride through Tuscany. The Zero Scooter goes on sale in September; prices are yet to be announced.

Photos: Bel & Bel

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