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Ever considered knitting a multi-wheeled beach Vespa?

Has knitting a Vespa ever crossed your mind? No, nor ours. Thankfully, for Magda Sayeg (the queen of ‘yarn bombing’), it did; and the result is spectacular…

Graffiti is so conventional, right? ‘Yarn bombing’ is a relatively new craze, pioneered by Sayeg herself, whereby street art is created by covering everyday objects in colourful knitted or crocheted patterns. Traffic signs, vehicles, staircases and even sprawling expanses of urban landscape – you name it, it can be ‘yarn bombed’.

In line with the current DIY and craft renaissance, Sayeg’s modern take on traditional street art led her to knit a true icon: the Vespa. Her patchwork interpretation of the classic scooter – complete with sidecar and, bizarrely, five wheels – encompasses wacky patterns and unconventional colours in an amalgamation of style and creativity.  It’s highly unorthodox; but who said that was a bad thing?

Are you inspired? We certainly are. Just remember one thing before you pick up those knitting needles or crochet hooks: make sure you get permission to crochet the town red.


More information about Magda Sayeg and her work at