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Art of the motorcycle – Impuls Custom Motorcycles’ BMW K101

Handcrafted by Impuls in collaboration with the famous German artist Fabian Gatermann, this custom BMW K101 is said to blend minimalist art with the beauty of the motorcycle…

Pure and simple

This striking motorcycle started life as a 1985 BMW K100, before Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner of the Munich-based custom motorcycle builder Impuls got their hands on it. Working closely with the artist Fabian Gatermann, they interpreted a new style of custom bike, merging minimalist art with the artistry of the build itself. Its uncluttered bodywork and hand-painted polygonal pattern were designed with the help of 3D computer renderings drawn by Gatermann. This BMW K101 is currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market – finished in a simple black, white and blue colour scheme, it looks like the perfect counterpart to BMW's sole supercar, the M1...

Photos: Weekend Heroes

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