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This custom BMW pays homage to 100 years of Bauhaus

What would a motorcycle from the pen of Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer have looked like? For the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, motorcycle customiser Krautmotors has built a BMW that is based on the philosophy of the great designer…

For his latest creative machine, Heidelberg-based designer and custom bike builder Rolf Reick was inspired by the century-long history of Bauhaus, particularly the furniture of Bauhaus student Marcel Breuer. Based on the modified frame of a BMW R60/6, he developed a new tank, a new seat and a new fork for his Krautmotors creation, whilst the compact and lightweight engine came from a BMW F 850 G. We’re sure that Marcel Breuer — who was inspired by his first Adler bicycle when designing his famous Wassily steel frame chair — would have considered this unusual Bauhaus BMW to be a good one!