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Here are 5 cheap and cheerful Porsches to improve your weekend

Historics Auctioneers’ Bicester Heritage auction on September 24th is one of the most tantalising we’ve seen in a while, mainly because there are 5 fantastic Porsches for under 25,000 pounds.

It may seem like a fairy tale at this point, but not so long ago it was fairly easy to find a decent example of one of Porsche’s air-cooled 911s for under 25,000 pounds. However, here to save us from painfully reflecting on how affordable 911 SCs used to be is Historics Auctioneers’ Bicester Heritage auction on September 24th, which has not one, but six of Stuttgart’s finest for under 25,000 pounds. Anyone looking for a cut-price taste of the 911 will be delighted to see two 996s among the lots, one being a pre-facelift Carrera, and the other a post-facelift Carrera Targa.

However, if you’re willing to stray from Porsche’s rear-engined wunderkind, then things get really interesting. A Horizon Blue 1992 Porsche 968 convertible would make for an excellent weekend companion, while the 2006 Porsche Cayman S in Guards Red is easily our pick of this list. Call us crazy, but we suspect it won’t be long until the prices of first-generation Caymans follow in the footsteps of its ancestors, so act fast if you want this mid-engined star on your driveway. Saving the weirdest for last, we have this 1989 Porsche 944 playing dress up as a Ferrari 250 GTO. Now, we won’t think this will be fooling anyone except the severely visually impaired, but it would make for a fantastic entry in next year’s 24 Hours of Lemons.