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10 collector cars to bid on at Aguttes’ Summer Sale 2021

On June 20th a wonderful assortment of enthusiast rides will go under the hammer at Aguttes’ Summer Sale. Between Ferrari-engined Lancias and drop-doored BMWs, even the most jaded of automotive aficionados will want to save the date.

The most seasoned of auction veterans won’t want to miss out on the rarified selection at Aguttes' Summer Sale as there’s plenty of metal you don’t see every day. An AC Ace is always a lovely sight, especially in pristine unrestored condition like the 1958 example up for auction that we recently featured, and could be just what the doctor ordered for those growing tired of the kit-car Cobra crowd. The Italians are well represented too, with a gorgeous Lancia Thema 8.32 and it’s Ferrari V8 scoring maximum points for desirability, while the delightfully-angular Maserati 430 Biturbo leaves us spoiled for choice when it comes to 80s Italian saloons. However, we’re just scratching the surface of what looks to be a star-studded auction, so take a look at some of our other prime selections below.


10 cars we would bid on at Aguttes' Summer Sale 2o21