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Ink renders the late Hans Mezger’s superb but stillborn flat-16

So far, the Plain Bodies series from Ink has focused on iconic racing cars in their entirety. But now the London-based digital production studio has rendered an engine, more specifically the mighty 16-cylinder engineered by the late Hans Mezger for Porsche’s 917 Spider prototype…

The might of Mezger

No, these are not photographs – they’re digital images that have been rendered in painstaking detail by the London-based production studio Ink as an extension of its Plain Bodies series. The subject is the stillborn 6.6-litre, 750HP flat-sixteen engine that was developed by the legendary Porsche engineer Hans Mezger, who recently passed away. The idea was that if Porsche was going to enter the Can-Am championship with the 917, it needed a more powerful engine to match the American V8-powered competition. Unfortunately, the sixteen-cylinder unit proved both too heavy and temperamental and Porsche instead turned to the dark art of turbocharging for its Can-Am effort. And we all know how successful that turned out to be… 

Photos: Ink