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This graphic adaptation of Le Mans is a new-age tribute to Steve McQueen

With a new generation of enthusiasts comes new ways of interpreting historic motorsport moments. Over 45 years since it originally hit the silver screen, Steve McQueen’s cult-classic Le Mans has been given a thoroughly modern makeover…

Graphic glory

Created by Sandro Garbo, over the course of three years, this 64-page hardcover beautifully captures the spirit of McQueen’s storied passion project, combining extraordinary details and period-perfect aesthetics with a comic-book edge. From the rain-soaked battles between Ferrari 512s and Porsche 917s to off-track encounters with McQueen’s Slate Grey 911S, the graphic novel oozes charm, style, and modern substance. If you can bring yourself to share it, the book could be the ideal means of nudging the younger enthusiast in your life in the right direction.

Photos: Garbo Studio S.A.