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"Race for Glory" brings the greatest rally duel of all time onto the silver screen

The rivalry between Audi and Lancia during the 1983 World Rally Championship was one of the greatest thrillers in motorsport history. Starring Daniel Brühl and Riccardo Scamarcio, the movie “Race for Glory” retells the history of the duel.

Michael Mann’s Ferrari biopic that is coming into theatres this Christmas might be the most eagerly awaited motorsport film of the year, but on 5 January 2024, another must-see motorsport epos is about to hit the big screen. “Race for Glory – Audi VS Lancia” retells the nerve-racking history of the 1983 World Rally Championship in which Lancia battled against all odds – and the almost unbeatable Audi Quattros –to regain its former glory with an unbeatable combination of bold innovation and extraordinary courage. Daniel Brühl, known to the car world from his role as Niki Lauda in “Rush”, stars as Roland Gumpert, the Audi racing director who led the manufacturer to numerous championship titles, while Riccardo Scamarcio takes the role of Lancia’s team manager, Cesare Fiorio. Volker Bruch plays the part of Walter Röhrl whom Fiori convinced to drive for Lancia against Germany's reigning champion. Directed by Stefano Mordini, the adrenaline-fueled rally thriller also retells the remarkable story of the Lancia 037 that in the end – spoiler alert – rightfully claimed the 1983 WRC title. The trailer already offers a glimpse of the action-packed film, but we cannot wait to watch it on the big screen in January 2024.