The ‘Haystack’ and other wooden sunglasses from Shwood

You can just imagine creative types the world over sitting bolt upright, alert and meerkat-like at the thought of the latest shades from Oregon optical-supplier Shwood. Yes, they are made of real WOOD.

In a world where the latest polyester resins and clever production techniques can make buttons, buckles and spectacles appear to be made from tortoiseshell, stag’s horn or marble, it’s unusual to see something simply fabricated from one of nature’s most abundant materials.

But the good people at Shwood, in Beaverton OR, have produced a nine-model collection of sunglass frames in sustainable wood, sourced from authorised and supervised plantations in different African countries. The ‘Haystack’ you see here is beautifully made from East Indian rosewood with ‘Black Locust’ inlays (with walnut burl inlays as an alternative).


The ‘Haystack’ and other wooden sunglasses from Shwood The ‘Haystack’ and other wooden sunglasses from Shwood

The twin- or three-ply construction conveys strength to the hardwood frame and the lenses are imported, high quality optical glass by Karl Zeiss. The hinges are in stainless steel.


The glasses come complete with a woollen storage pouch and – what else! – a wooden case. Retail prices start at a very sustainable and wallet-friendly $250.00.


Photos: Shwood

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