1999 Lola T70


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In period, the Lola T70 was acclaimed as one of the most beautiful Sports Prototype Coupés of its time, and fifty years later its dramatic looks still have the ability to stir the soul of anyone passionate about motor racing. Perhaps the most widely recognised of the large variety of competition cars produced during four decades by Eric Broadley and his team at Lola Cars Ltd., the T70 was the most successful and these iconic racers have stood the test of time as, alongside the "Continuation" cars produced in 2005, numbers of original T70s are still to be found thundering round at most prestigious Historic Meetings.

Most of us have stared at a 'big banger' sports racer from the sixties and seventies, spitting and belching flames as it was warmed up in the paddock, and wondered just what it would be like to drive on the road, and in the mid-nineties Roger Attaway from GT Developments in Poole decided that was exactly what he would like to create and it was going to be a Lola T70 Coupé. In fairness, GTD were the best known and most respected builders of GT40 Replicas in the country and had the necessary facilities and talented engineers to make an excellent job of it. They had started out originally as agents for the KVA GT40 Replica but it wasn't long before they had redesigned the front and rear of the KVA chassis and were selling the cars as GTDs. As is often the way with bright young engineers, they weren't happy until they were building the whole car to their own standards and many of these still take pride of place at GT40 events today.
The design and construction of a road-going T70 Mk.IIIB on their GTD/GT40 Chassis was not the compromise it may sound as the original T70, introduced in 1965, used a chassis developed from Eric Broadley's 1962, Mk. 6 GT sports racer, which effectively was the basis for Ford's GT40 and latterly became known as the 'GT40 Prototype'.
The fabulous car offered here is one of those road-legal, GTD T70 Mk.IIIBs, the construction of which was supervised and meticulously completed by Derek Bell of Bell Performance and Design.
Powered by a 5.8 litre (355ci) Chevrolet V8 on Webers with an MSD Ignition System and mated to a Renault Gearbox (modified and strengthened by Bell Performance) resulting in a power delivery that makes it a very effective track-day tool whilst remaining sufficiently tractable for road use. The suspension is fully adjustable, the brakes and clutch are competition spec, and the exhaust is removable to provide 'open pipes' for circuit use. Set up by knowledgeable recent owners (the current vendors actually own one of the original T70s) and having benefited from considerable input from a leading race team, the car is now 'on the button'.
There are a number of enhancements which make this car's use on the road a real option, including air conditioning, security, extra storage compartments, a CD player and an intercom (essential really, as although the Stainless Steel exhaust is effective, there are about 500 Horses trying to kick down the stable door about 14 inches behind your left ear!).

Well presented in Dark Green with distinctive White Arrow graphics the car carries the appropriate registration number V121 OLA. All looks well under the 'bonnet' and rear 'clamshell' engine cover with lots of detailing and state of the art race-technology. It's road registered and currently MoT'd.
With original T70s changing hands for serious amounts, this accurate Lola replica represents the best of both worlds, able to turn a few heads at Silverstone on a Friday morning and quite a few more outside the Dog and Duck on a Sunday lunchtime.