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This Lola T70 MKIII Coupe, chassis SL73/130 was built on 26th May, 1967 for the Tokyo Fujii Company Ltd.
They ordered two cars: SL73/130 and SL73/116.
Both arrived in Yokohama docks in Tokyo - Japan the 1st April, 1968.
SL73/130 made its racing debuts in the 1968 Japan GP at the Fuji circuit where the car made the 3rd time during the free practice session (driven by Takahashi).
Unfortunately, the car didn’t finish the race.
Few months later, the car won the All Japan race at Fuji, driven by Masahiro Hasemi, making SL73/130 the first Lola winning a race in Japan.

The car was then raced in Japan in 1969 with Hasemi, Tanaka and Nagamutsu.
It was later sold to an anonymous American owner before Mr. Chuck Haines purchased it.
In 1992, Ian Webb bought SL73/130. He sold the car in 1994 to Bill Hall who had the car restored over a three-year period at a cost of 120.000£.
It is John McGuire Racing in the UK who restored the Lola.

Mike Jones in the UK owned the car from 2000 to 2004 before Jeff Mincheff - USA, purchased the Lola. He sold the car in 2013 to an American gentleman.

SL73/130 is one of the only 9 original Lola T70 MKIIII Coupe remaining today.
It is eligible for any serious historic races and is a potential winner.
It is ready to race.

European taxes paid. Extra set of wheels + one set of mufflers.

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