1971 Ferrari 246 'Dino'


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French title

- In the same hands since 1978
- Original French car
- Aesthetic masterpiece

In April 1972, when Juan Antonio Victorica E Yillera, a Spanish aristocrat and the new owner of the Dino 246 GT 'rosso chiaro', moved to the Georges V Hotel in Paris, the car had been waiting for him since December 1971 at the Ferrari dealership Ch.Pozzi's ! The car had actually been ordered at the New York Garage of Antibes while he was staying on the French Riviera. A month after his arrival in Paris, on 18 May 1972, he left town and Pozzi took back the car. It was then purchased by a surgeon of Amiens region who regularly entrusted the maintenance to Pozzi. A first important service was done in April 1973, when the car had 18,000 km. It returned to Pozzi a year later with 32,000 km and the gearbox was graciously replaced with a standard exchange part. The Dino then changed hands four times between September 1974 and October 1978, when its current owner acquired it.

This car leaved the factory in July 1971, has a French origin and has been in the hands of the same owner for more than 35 years! As such it has been regularly maintained, with work carried out by the same mechanic for many years. The radiator was replaced in 2010, at which time the cooling system was renewed and the clutch was replaced in 2014.The bodywork benefitted from new paintwork some fifteen years ago. Today, the coachwork is straight and sound and displays a nice patina. The car has plexiglass covered headlights, which the model already benefitted from in 1978. The black leather upholstery and red carpets were renewed in 1991. The passenger compartment boasts the original Radiomobile St�r�o 8 radio and has a non-original steering wheel. Additionally, the car has a cover, a jack and the original owner's manual.

The Dino 246 GT remains a renowned aesthetic masterpiece. With its compact centrally positioned V6 engine, it is a lively and agile car, with a resolutely sporty temperament. Its all-round aesthetic appeal adds to the enjoyment to be had behind the wheel. The car becomes even more desirable with a provenance such as this, having been in the hands of the same owner for such a long time.