What does Tag Heuer’s Connected Modular 45 smartwatch mean for the watch world?

The new Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is sure to have plenty of pundits proclaiming the end of the mechanical watch, perhaps the same ones who declared the death of the combustion engine when Tesla finally made an appealing electric vehicle…

Smart move

As the second movement in Tag Heuer’s smartwatch strategy, the Connected Modular 45 has some handy improvements over the first Connected product, with a major development being the ability to swap out the digital module for a mechanical one on the same strap, allowing users to switch between smartwatch and mechanical watch depending on the occasion. What’s more, the Connected 45 is officially a ‘Swiss Made’ smartwatch with final assembly carried out in-house, and it now boasts upgraded electronics and software, Wi-Fi and cellular network capabilities, and even Android Pay. With over 30 different faces and customisable features, the Modular 45 also delivers on personalisation, allowing each owner to build their ideal watch, which, combined with its new features, makes a no-doubt useful and enjoyable smartwatch with bags more style than its rivals. And for those who wish to beg the question as to whether watches like this will be the end of the mechanical watch, it seems Tag Heuer has answered this by no doubt causing themselves countless headaches, spending many hours and R&D money on finding a solution in which smartwatch and mechanical watch can work in harmony yet exist independently. Now ask yourself if they would do all that if the smartwatch was going to replace the mechanical watch anytime soon… 

Photos: Tag Heuer

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