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Tudor reveals Heritage Black Bay Black

Just three months after it revealed the one-off Heritage Black Bay One, Tudor has announced that it will offer a black-bezelled Black Bay alongside the popular red and blue variants already on sale…

Since 2012, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay has proved immensely popular with watch enthusiasts everywhere, for its unashamed vintage looks and affordable price. This new black version harks right back to the Tudor ethos – to sell something with the case quality and classic looks of a Rolex, while utilising an out-of-house movement in order to keep the price down. It was the ‘poor man’s Rolex’, if you will, but in no way was that a bad thing.

On sale now, the Black Bay Black comprises visual elements from a number of references taken from Tudor’s back-catalogue. With its guard-less ‘big crown’, black bezel and cloth Nato-style strap, it takes on a much more rugged, understated and classic character in comparison to its coloured brethren – there’s definitely an air of the ‘James Bond’ Rolex Submariner about it. We can’t wait to get our hands on one. 

Photos: Tudor

You can find a number of both vintage and modern Tudors listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.