Phillips to explore the significance of ‘double-signed’ watches with thematic sale

For decades, watchmakers have teamed up with prestigious retailers to offer timepieces featuring not one but two brands on their dials. Often built tiny numbers, so-called ‘double-signed’ pieces are now extremely desirable to collectors, which is why Phillips will hold a thematic sale in November…

A Tiffany-dial Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, an Abercrombie & Fitch-dial Heuer Autavia, and an Astrua Torino-dial Patek Philippe – there’s an allure to these ultra-rare retailer-specific watches that stretches far beyond the company that manufactured it. Phillips has announced that it will hold a thematic sale for these ‘double-signed’ timepieces during its Geneva Watch Auction: Ten in November, entitled ‘Double Signed: A Celebration of the Finest Partnerships of Manufacturers and Retailers’. The auction will reportedly comprise a number of true grail pieces that will appeal to collectors who “appreciate the supreme rarity of these watches, and the discreet hunt of their glorious, cultured, and worldly past”. For many of the pieces, which were sold via shrewd retailers around the world, the sale will be a Swiss homecoming. 

Photo: Phillips

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