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Go hands-free with the new Ressence Type 5G

Inspired by nature, focused on function, and teeming with technology, the latest version of the Type 5 from Ressence is another horological hit from the forward-thinking Belgian watchmakers…

Oiling the wheels of change

It’s hard to believe a material as crude as oil (pardon the pun) could be instrumental in such an elegant timepiece as the Ressence Type 5, but the result is a gorgeous watch boasting a world first. The use of oil in the dial and module cancels out Total Internal Reflection, allowing users to read the face underwater from all angles — a rare case of form and function. As with all its timepieces, the aim of the Type 5 was to reimagine classic tool watches with a 21st-century outlook, retaining their functionality while also updating their technology. With the launch of the new Type 5G, featuring a grey dial and microbilled titanium case, Ressence has added a third finish to the range, and it’s sure to be both an ideal diving companion and conversation starter at any occasion, be it a dinner party or a deep-sea dive.

Photos: Ressence

You can find more information on the Type 5G on the Ressence website.