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On its own axis: Leaving Lapland by Range Rover Classic

Harri Asunta, owner of in Finland, recently bought an original Range Rover Classic – then drove it more than 500km across the snowy terrain of Northern Ivalo as part of his journey back home to Helsinki…

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Fortunately for Harri, Ivalo is the largest town in Northern Lapland and has its own small airport, meaning the outbound journey was merely a stone’s throw. However, the return leg was to be a little more challenging; it’s fortunate, then, that Harri was completing it in an ever-capable 1976 Range Rover Classic. Even though familiar with classic cars, this was the first trip he had taken that really tested the limits of his steed – but the Range Rover “drove like a dream”, according to the enthusiastic Finn, despite its original condition. “The only problem I encountered was that the heating couldn't really keep up at minus 30°C and over 100km/h!”

Harri drove the affectionately christened ‘Lapland Rangie’ back down through Lapland to the city of Oulu, from which point the pair took an overnight train to cover the remaining 600km to Helsinki. The odometer read 85,000km when collected, and while some might question the condition of a car kept in such a bitter climate, Harri is not worried. “Because the roads of Lapland are not salted – as the salt doesn’t have any effect below minus 10°C – the Range Rover is in fact very well preserved, and also has numerous history documents. The intention is to carefully restore it and then present it at the Classic Motorshow in Finland, held on the 3 and 3 of May 2014.” After this, it will be added to Harri Asunta’s stocklist in the Classic Driver Market ready to meet a new owner.

Photos: Harri Asunta, Ilkka Ollila

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