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Watch Marc Philipp Gemballa’s Marsien conquer the Sölden Glacier

The otherworldly Marsien has been let loose on the icy glacier mountains of Sölden as part of its cold weather testing. It’s safe to say the resulting photos and video are really quite something.


Ahead of the first deliveries of Marsien customer vehicles, the company has just completed another extreme weather test with their new supercar. After tackling the dunes of the Arabian desert in temperatures over 40 degrees and basking under the lights of New York City, the Marsien has burst onto the Sölden Glacier, around 3,250 metres above sea level and reaching temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees! 

After Berg Bahnen Sölden prepared and cleared the slopes for the Marsien’s attack, the all-terrain supercar — equipped with cutting-edge spiked tires thanks to Nokia Tires — made light work of the glacier, which you might remember from the iconic 007 Skyfall mission. In keeping with the espionage theme, the Marsien was swathed in a jaw-dropping stealth camouflage wrap created by none other than Formula One livery designer Sean Bull Design. 

Equipped with a RUF upgraded 3.8 litre twin turbo flat-six producing 750 horsepower and a whopping 930 Nm of torque, there’s very little terrain the Marsien can’t handle, and even the 45 degree slopes of the Sölden Glacier proved to be no match for this power drifting weapon. Just 40 examples will ever be made, and we can’t wait to see drivers around the world conquering new terrains in their Marsiens!

Photos by Oskar Bakke