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This Warpath is the most famous and historic boat in Offshore Racing history, and it’s available now!

Making it’s Championship winning debut at the 1984 American Power Boat Association World Championships, Apache Powerboats Hull #001 Warpath’s unparalleled racing pedigree, meticulous restoration, and undeniable iconic presence make it a collector’s dream that cannot be replaced.

The year is 1984 and Team Apache Racing’s Bob Saccenti, Keith Eickert, and Tom Evans are ready to take their 41-foot deep-vee hull racing boat to victory in the American Power Boat Association World Championships. Five to ten foot seas and howling winds have the calm sea-favouring catamarans nervously scanning the weather forecast, but Team Apache Racing knew this would give their single-hull weapon the advantage. Warpath would go on to decimate the competition, winning the 1984 World Championship and securing its place in powerboat history. Now, the boat is up for auction, and you could be the owner of the most iconic powerboat in history. 

Having shown the world what it takes to win at the very height of the Offshore Racing era, Warpath features twin 1000 HP 572ci V8s custom built by the renowned Keith Eickert, and the very best internals on the market. This equates to a top speed over 100 mph, even in rough seas. Luckily, for future owners, the original glory of this beast has been meticulously preserved. Between 2007 and 2009 the boat was completely restored by the original artist behind it’s iconic blue and tan livery, Gail Paik, while the mechanical aspect of the restoration was overseen by Tom Evans, the crew chief and navigator for the 1984 Championship races. Bob Saccenti himself, founder of Team Apache Racing, has certified this boat’s authenticity as the first 41 Apache Warpath ever built and the icon known as the original Warpath - Hull #001. This world-championship-winning monster of a machine is as rare as they come and owning it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone looking to own the best of its kind. 

Warpath is currently being offered with a custom-built aluminium triple-axel trailer, period photos, a certificate of authenticity, and a clean Florida title. It’s currently located in Miami, which is arguably the perfect location for such a vessel, but we’d love to see the boat in Europe if the future owner fancies bringing some USA flair to the French Riviera. 

If you’re not sold already, check out this video below:


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