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Behold! The most luxurious show on the planet is anchoring in Monaco

Bringing effortless style and sparkle to the clear-blue waters of Monte Carlo, Monaco's beloved Yacht Show will return for another year this September 27th to 30th, but we couldn't wait to see what delights are in store...

Since its first edition back in 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show has never ceased to amaze by showcasing the most beautiful, technologically advanced, visually breathtaking yachts in the world.  It is at this very show that the industry’s leading players get together to discuss current and future yachting trends, mechanical developments and obviously, business. The whole thing usually being wrapped in a massive effervescence of champagne.

The pure yachting aspect set aside, the Monaco Yacht Show also encompasses the peripheral industries playing an important role, such as design, naval engineering, security systems and much more. You might want to know that some superyachts are equipped, for instance, with non-lethal weapons, such as the Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to disorient any invader through high-pitched noise. In case this would not suffice to dissuade the most persistent intruder, fear not. The targeted yacht is probably equipped with sensors on each deck that can detect and track any footstep onboard, making it hard for anyone to just wander around. Long story short, boarding a yacht uninvited is a real mission impossible, even if your name is Ethan Hunt.

Back on topic, to make sure it appeals to each lucky individual attending, the Monaco Yacht Show will be centered and structured around three themes: the Sustainability Hub, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, and finally the Adventure Area. Needless to say, the latter caught our curiosity because yes, we at Classic Driver love adventures.

Indeed, even an UHNWI would get bored at some point sipping Cristal Roederer all day long on a 100 metre Blohm+Voss megayacht, so a dip in the sea is required at some point. The Adventure Area is there to make sure your 4PM splash will turn into a real expedition. As today’s yacht enthusiasts want to explore remote islands, coral reefs and the artic circle, the Monaco Yacht Show will exhibit off-road vehicles, highspeed tenders, submersibles and water toys, without forgetting helicopters. The only missing item being the Millennium Falcon to explore galaxies far, far away…

We love cars from the depths of our soul, but we certainly would not refuse a tour amongst these sea wonders. And, who knows, maybe we could be invited to board one of them without triggering any non-lethal security device or…lethal weapon. The Monaco Yacht Show will wave from September 27th to September 30th, 2023. If you are planning to attend, make sure to pay a visit to the official website.