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Join JP Rathgen and friends as they talk all things BMW Group Classic

Need another podcast for your journey? We have just the ticket courtesy of BMW Group Classic and Classic Driver’s CEO JP Rathgen. Sit back, grab your favourite hot or cold drink and wrap your ears around their latest episode.

As we’re sure you might have noticed by now, we are rather interested in classic and collectable cars. All brands, all ages, any condition, if it has an engine and a unique story, we’ll do our utmost to share it with the world. This ability to talk in immense detail about cars led us to BMW Classic, and our ongoing collaboration with the BMW Group Classic Podcast, called ‘Classic Heart’

 Now approaching its third episode, JP Rathgen sits down with illustrious guests to talk all things classic cars and the lifestyle that goes with them. The podcast focuses on favourite vehicles from the past, giving a fantastic insight into the stories and history behind them.


Get stuck into the first two episodes now, where in episode one JP is joined by Sotheby’s car specialist Anders Bilidt, who talks of how his career path originally as a pilot led him to his dream job.




JP welcomed Can Eyilik for episode two, an Istanbul-based interior designer with a true passion for cars and in particular of course, BMWs. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to learn a thing or two about classic cars or hear some truly unique stories on some of the world’s finest vehicles, this podcast is most certainly for you!

This sponsored article has been produced and published as part of a paid partnership with BMW Group Classic.