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HFMSTRS and Rennmeister just threw the casual get-together that Como Car Week needed

Unkind weather didn’t stop the HFMSTR and Rennmeister crews and their guests from having a blast during a Friday prequel barbecue party at the iconic Villa Erba in Cernobbio.

It was a no-brainer, really. Anyone who has a name in the collector car scene is present during what has unofficially become ‘Como Car Week’. From the world’s top photographers and videographers, collectors and car clubs, to general personalities and influencers, Como itself is a glamorous destination that attracts people, even if stunning classic cars aren’t present. So, if you add that extra layer on top of the glorious scenery, well… you get the idea.

What started as a two-day event for members of the elite is now — thanks to the organizers of FuoriConcorso and BMW’s own initiative ‘Amici & Automobili’ — a weekend, during which every car enthusiast will be able to find as broad a spectrum of interesting motorcars as possible. From coach-built one-off’s on the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este’s public day, to aerodynamic prototypes and a Porsche Museum exhibition at Villas Scuota, Olmo and Grumello, to the ever so stylish, but slightly more common BMW E28 5 series or undervalued E36 M3, brought to the shores of Lake Como by participants of the ‘Amici’ format.


Part of the charm of Como is, of course, its overall elegance and the riviera chic dress code that all visitors respect. However, before the madness of colourful jackets, tassel loafers and pocket squares started at Villa d’Este, the disruptive BMW community project ‘The Hoffmeisters’, together with Jägermeister’s own experimental brand ‘Rennmeister’, threw a casual garden party for around 150 friends. The idea: to start with an unpretentious, relaxing meet-up before every car-girl and car-guy would have to squeeze themselves into uncomfortable heels or high waisted trousers ahead of the official events.

The highlights of the night? The laid-back atmosphere and casual car chat about affordable classics. Drinks created especially for the occasion by HFMSTRS own Daniel Rasenberger, paired with a simple but tasty BBQ menu. Racing car videos from the Jägermeister archives projected onto the facade of Visconti’s former home. Two special cars on display, both sporting the iconic stag on their bonnets. The first one, a BMW M1 Procar Turbo, one you can read all about right here. The second is the missing link in Jägermeister Racing’s history, a 1971 Fiat 695 Abarth that was raced on the Italian peninsula a full year before headquarters started any kind of official racing activities back in Germany. 

Created by the Italian Jägermeister importer, a certain Mr Schmid, as part of Scuderia Merano, its distinctive livery marries the company colours with the colours of the Italian flag. It is not orange, because this paint job was invented a year later by cousins Eckhard Schimpf an Günther Mast. Recently discovered and bought by Ecki’s son, Oliver Schimpf, it is not only a symbolic connector between the two countries, so fitting to the occasion, but has also proven to be the perfect car to have during Como Car Week. Not only for the narrow streets around the lake, but also for attracting a lot of attention. Its cuteness was a fair match for the 1,000 horsepower M1 with its massive scoops and wings. During the night everyone wished they could take the little Abarth home. If only they had thought to volunteer as the ‘designated driver’.

Photos by Blazej Zulawski

This article has been produced and published as part of a commercial partnership with Jägermeister. For more infos about Rennmeister and the next pop-up events, follow @rennmeister72 on Instagram.