Singer ‘restored and reimagined’ Porsche 911 unveiled

Porsche wasn’t the only one revealing a new 911 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. A few blocks away from the Convention Center, Singer Vehicle Design invited media to The Notion Studio to celebrate the restoration of its fourth car since the original Singer concept debuted at Pebble Beach in 2009...

What was newsworthy about the Singer Racing Silver metallic with Ruby Red interior – a homage to a classic, high-performance early 911 – was that it showcased sophisticated new processes and partnerships with world-class suppliers that will further elevate founder and creative director Rob Dickinson’s dream of building the ultimate air-cooled 911.

World-renowned racing and performance engineering company The Cosworth Group is the exclusive supplier of SVD engines, which will be offered in three levels of tune and capacity – a 3.6-litre with 300HP (Touring) or 360HP (Sport), plus a 3.9 to 4.0-litre making over 400HP (Cup).

Singer ‘restored and reimagined’ Porsche 911 unveiled
Singer ‘restored and reimagined’ Porsche 911 unveiled Singer ‘restored and reimagined’ Porsche 911 unveiled
Aria Group, recognised internationally for its expertise with composites, will supply and paint the body panels used in the restoration process.

One other significant difference from prior Singer restorations, which were based on a mid-80s Carrera chassis, is that the stronger and more advanced Type 964 model 911 (1990-1994) is now being used. Owners must deliver a solid, undamaged, rust-free 964 to SVD. It will be stripped and prepared to serve as the foundation for the primarily bespoke, backdated custom 911.

Besides the new engines, other significant additions by notable classic Porsche restoration services and parts suppliers include a stainless steel racing header and exhaust system by Burns Stainless, larger-sized renditions of the iconic Fuchs wheels by Zuffenhaus with a finish supplied by Harvey Weidman, a six-speed close ratio G50 gearbox with limited-slip diff and single-mass flywheel by Brian Copans, and gauges by North Hollywood Speedometer.

Singer ‘restored and reimagined’ Porsche 911 unveiled Singer ‘restored and reimagined’ Porsche 911 unveiled

SVD’s premise is to use cutting-edge technology to update the performance, aesthetics and usability of a classic 911 while preserving its essence – and what Dickinson refers to as “the magic” of the original. Each car is handcrafted to meet the owner’s individual taste and preferences in meeting that premise. Essentially, each car is a bespoke, updated restoration and the cost reflects that fact: the price range is from $190,000 to more than $300,000.

What Dickinson has found is that not only do his restorations appeal to hardcore air-cooled 911 enthusiasts like himself, but also to owners and collectors who appreciate a broad range of exotic and exclusive high-performance automobiles.

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Text: Patrick C. Paternie
Photos: Mathias Paulokat