This villa was created by a design master and is complemented by cars

Art on the walls may be nice, but art in the garage is a far more enjoyable expression of a homeowner’s passions. This villa, designed by Bauhaus group member Sep Ruf, is the perfect home for both a design fan and a delectable collection of automobiles…

Form and function

Originally built in 1939, the building was reconstructed and expanded in 2001, with new interior furnishings curated by Danilo Silvestrin. Of course, the ample amenities, including a 16-metre indoor swimming pool, sauna, and air-conditioned wine cellar, are enticing, but the piece de resistance in this property must be the underground car park, suitable for 12 cars and complete with a car elevator, electric turntable, and workshop. Currently listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, this villa is the venerable design enthusiast’s dream.

Photos: Quartier Acht - Exklusive Immobilien

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