King of... the hills? Steve McQueen's Idaho ranch for sale

You’d be forgiven for assuming Steve McQueen took up residence in Tinseltown, but although he loved fast-living on the screen, his real home was quite the opposite: quiet, withdrawn and close to nature. Now, his idyllic Idaho ‘Moon Ranch’ is up for sale…

The two-square-kilometre property is located in a wonderfully secluded valley in Hailey, Idaho – approximately 25 minutes’ drive from the small town of Ketchum. The style icon’s former ranch includes several elegant and tastefully equipped wooden houses, as well as a 160-square-foot garage, big enough for even McQueen’s vast car and motorcycle collection. Oh, and did we mention the view? The ‘Moon Ranch’, as it was known, is currently being offered by Hall & Hall for $7.4m.

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