The Vintage Air Rally is one of the world’s last great adventures

Imagine it: 14,800 kilometres, 19 countries, 42 days — all seen through the window of an aeroplane. Sounds like the ultimate luxury vacation, right? Now, imagine experiencing all that sat inside a vintage aircraft from the 1900s. If that’s not the ultimate adventure, then what is?

Adventure is out there

Founded by Sam Rutherford, a British Army helicopter pilot, the Vintage Air Rally was born out of a desire to take antique aircraft on incredible journeys inspired by pioneering flights of the 1920s. The first rally was the Crete2Cape in 2016, and the 13,000-plus kilometre was such a success, a new aviation rally was organised for 2018 — Ushuaia2USA.

Come fly, let’s fly away

The six-week flight will begin at ‘The End of the World’ — Ushuaia, Argentina, the world’s southern-most airport — and then, over the 42 days, touch down in Patagonia, the Andes, Paraguay, Peru, Amazon, Panama Canal, El Salvador, Cuba, and, finally, Florida — culminating in a gala dinner, where the Vintage Air Rally trophy will be presented to the first team to make over the finish line. So, if hand starting an engine, emergency landings, and unintended stops over mountains, glaciers, deserts, jungles, and some of the most lawless parts of the globe sounds like a great adventure to you, don’t miss Ushuaia2USA. 

Photos: Beatrice de Smet & Vintage Air Rally

The Vintage Air Rally is currently offering 15 free spaces to take part in the Ushauaia2USA Rally, with all costs, including travel, shipping, accommodation, food, fuel, permits, fees, immigration, and insurance, covered. The participant short-list will be announced 1 December. For more information, visit their website.