Sonic Boom – Is this the next-generation Concorde?

Imagine a world in which you could travel from New York to London in 3.5 hours, and return home in the same day entirely jetlag free. A new start-up is hoping to make this a reality within just a few years…

Boom comprises a team of engineers, pilots and builders who have collectively contributed to the design of over 30 aircraft, from military fighter jets to commercial airliners and even spaceships. Having just secured a deal with Virgin for two billion US dollars, the Denver-based company is working on a prototype for its supersonic jet, which it is hoping will take to the skies for testing towards the end of next year. Virgin has confirmed that it will take delivery of the first ten planes once production has started, as well as that it will lend a helping hand in the development and testing of the aircraft. Capable of Mach 2.2., Boom’s planes are slated to be even quicker than Concorde, and 2.6 times quicker than any other airliner currently in operation. This is primarily thanks to use of today’s advanced composites and knowledge of aerodynamics. So what will it be – New York for supper? 

Photo: Boom

You can find more information about Boom and its ambitious plans at its official website