The New ‘Sky-Dweller’ from Rolex

Launched at Baselworld, the all-new Sky-Dweller model from Rolex incorporates a perpetual calendar, a quick-change time-zone indicator and a 'months' display on the outer edges of the face.

The added features are housed in a traditional Rolex 42mm Oyster case, available in either steel, 18-carat yellow or white gold. Buyers can choose from champagne, ivory or chocolate dials.

The time-zone indicator is controlled via the familiar Rolex knurled bezel, which rotates to allow very simple adjustments. A rectangle to the outside of each hour-marker is blacked-out to represent the relevant month: ‘VIII’ for August, etc. The perpetual calendar function means that users need not worry about 30-, or 31-day months – the mechanism will compensate to suit.

Beautifully executed, the new model will raise the perennial question: “Should Rolex be a maker of complications, or simple, truly classic ‘tool’ watches? Discuss.”


Photos: Rolex

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