Never Say Never Again: More top picks from the ’50 years of James Bond’ sale

With the 007 memorabilia auction just around the corner, we thought we'd share a few more peeks of the spy-related curiosities going on sale. Among the items set to draw a lot of attention is a pair of cufflinks – perfect for the Bond enthusiast wanting to make a fashion statement.

Since his first appearance on the silver screen, James Bond has been the leading man of exacting, sartorial style; a fashion icon admired and imitated by thousands of fans worldwide. Meanwhile, other characters from the film franchise have also worn some rather snazzy outfits over the years – and if you think you could pull off the sleek look of a Bond villain, this could be your chance. However, forget accessorising with a fluffy white cat and zero in on something a bit more original instead.

Such as, for instance, lot 13: a pair of round enamel cufflinks worn by ‘bad guy turned good’ Milos Columbo (Chaim Topol) in the 1981 film ‘For Your Eyes Only’. The cufflinks, featuring a circular plate decorated with a white dove within a blue surround, are expected to sell for at least £1,500.

Never Say Never Again:  More top picks from the ’50 years of James Bond’ sale

Next time you’re going to an elegant event, you’ll want to show off these flamboyant pieces on your sleeve. However, if you’re determined to score some additional points with the fashion pack, we recommend that you match them with lot 42: a two-piece, grey dinner suit by Tom Ford, worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘Skyfall’.

For the ultimate 007 appearance, try your luck on these Bond goodies when the online bidding begins on 28 September.

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