Hugo Boss Sailing: Riding the keel… in a tailored suit

On the "no one’s ever done THAT before" scale, this must score an 11. The skipper of the ‘Hugo Boss’ took his life in his hands when he ‘rode’ the keel of his solo, round-the-world yacht in the cold waters of The Solent. He was dressed for the occasion, though: in a Hugo Boss suit.

Lead-filled, the 60-foot racing yacht’s keel weighs some four tons. With the boat moving at 10mph, being struck by the keel when manoeuvring on the jet-ski is akin to being hit by a charging elephant.

The irrepressible Welshman had already achieved the stunt, but when it was suggested that the photographic proof had been Photoshopped, he was eager to prove his doubters wrong.

After three, gusty and freezing attempts, with the ever-present danger of the keel crushing him to death, the feat was accomplished and the evidence recorded on video.

Photo & Video: Alex Thompson Racing