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Bell will now let you design your very own Bullitt helmet

From Evel Knievel and Steve McQueen to Jacky Ickx and Michael Schumacher, Bell Helmets has protected the heads of the world’s most prolific daredevils since the 1950s. Now, the Southern Californian company has revealed a personalisation programme for the ultra-stylish retro Bullitt lid…

A blank canvas 

It’s small wonder the Bell Bullitt has proven such a hit with motorcyclists over the last few years – its understated and retro styling, directly inspired by company founder Roy Richter’s very first lid from 1954, coupled with contemporary safety technology make it a proposition that’s difficult to refute. Coinciding with the introduction of a carbon-fibre version, Bell has announced a customisation programme with its new partner Helmade, allowing any of its customers the opportunity to personalise their lids. There are dozens of vibrant colours and graphics to choose from, as well as a range of hardware options including a selection of different visors. You can even add a personalised signature to the side. So, whether you opt for an understated vintage-inspired design that would have made Steve McQueen proud or a bold composition that you could see from a mile off, you’re guaranteed to make a statement at your next motorcycle meetup, however large or small. 

Photos: Bell Helmets 

To configure the Bell Bullitt helmet of your dreams, please click here.