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Vitsœ’s new London exhibit shows strong admiration for Dieter Rams’ designs

Some people just have the eye when it comes to art and design, and Tom Strong is definitely one of those people. Strong put his eye to good use and, over 50 years, accrued a private collection of over 250 items designed by Braun designer Dieter Rams. Now, it can be viewed by all at Vitsœ London…

Art meets utility

With the intention of inspiring the next generation, Tom Strong has donated his impressive collection of industrial design products to Vitsœ London for an exhibition, The Strong Collection, which will coincide with the London Design Festival, held 15–24 September. Accumulated over 50 years, Strong’s collection began when he came across a Braun radio while stationed in Germany during World War II. When he returned to America, accompanied by the radio, Strong pursued an education in graphic design, where his admiration and interest for Dieter Rams’ functional designs flourished even further, resulting in a collection of over 250 items. Recently, in a cosmic turn of events, Strong decided to donate his lifetime collection to Vitsœ, which has displayed it in an exhibition in New York before bringing it to London. After the Design Festival, the collection will move to the company’s new HQ in Royal Leamington Spa.

Photos: Vitsœ

For more information on The Strong Collection, visit Vitsœ’s website. Or, if you’re looking to start a collection of your own, visit the collectables section of the Classic Driver Market.