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Design grandmaster Dieter Rams is honoured with a documentary

Dieter Rams is one of the most influential living designers. Without his minimalist electrical appliances for Braun, the iPhone would never have been possible. Now, a cinematic portrait of the master designer has been made…

With his iconic designs for Braun and Vitsoe, Dieter Rams has been written into the annals of design history, significantly influencing countless modern designers — including Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive. New York filmmaker Gary Hustwit, who caused a sensation in 2007 with his cinematic homage to the font Helvetica and has since made such documentary films as Objectified and Urbanized, now pays tribute to Dieter Rams with his own film. The production was made possible by more than 5,000 supporters, who donated about a quarter of a million dollars through a Kickstarter campaign. And the first trailers for the movie Rams can be seen below, with the official release date set for 2018.

Further information on the movie Rams can be found on Gary Hustwit’s website.