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Dieter Rams’ modular furniture is the latest guest at the Vitra Design Museum

Dieter Rams is perhaps most celebrated by design purists for his minimalist electronic appliances for Braun. Now a new exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum explores the influential designer’s modular furniture…

The Braun T1000 radio receiver and the SK55 phonosuper (the latter of which received the nickname ‘Snow White’s Coffin’) by Dieter Rams are considered among the most iconic post-War German designs, boasting aesthetic sustainability that extends to the present day. Rams’ design philosophy, which comprised the concepts of simplicity, honesty and timelessness, is also reflected in his furniture. In addition to the highly successful 606 Universal Shelving System developed in conjunction with Vitsœ, Rams has also created modular chairs, sofas and stacking furniture, all with a refreshing level of functional simplicity. 

An exhibition at the recently opened Schaudepot at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein is now displaying a number of Dieter Rams’ key modular works. You can find more information here

Fotos: Vitra Design Museum / Christoph Sagel, Courtesy: Appel Design Gallery