From GT3 to MP3 – Porsche makes a different kind of music

For many, a Porsche 911 GT3 whizzing up to its 9,000rpm rev-limit is a symphony in itself. This new soundbar created by Porsche Design allows conventional music to be played from a GT3’s exhaust, and in the comfort of your own home…

Music to our ears

This up-cycled Porsche GT3 rear silencer and twin exhaust resonates with a different sort of music from that for which it was designed. But it does actually share many of the car’s aural characteristics, specifically in terms of volume and power. Replacing horsepower with wattage, the Bluetooth-enabled surround-sound speaker is yours for just 2,900 euros, and would look at home on the coffee table or desk of any Porsche-phile’s lounge or office.

Photo: Porsche Design

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