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This hand-built electric supercar is a Tesla shocker

When it comes to electric cars, it’s very much a numbers game. With the new Elextra, one set of numbers is captivating most: 0–100 km/h in under 2.3 seconds…

Charging ahead

The Elextra achieves these staggering performance numbers through a dual-motor electric drivetrain, with torque being independently distributed between front and rear wheels, creating an output of 680hp in total. What’s more, this Swiss-designed e-missile is a four-door four-seater and will be hand-built near Stuttgart, with no more than 100 examples expected to be made. Although Tesla may not be worried just yet, perhaps when the working prototype hits the road around spring 2018, they may hear the silent presence of a high-voltage challenger…

Photos: Elextra Cars

You can find further information on the Elextra website.