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This Veuve Clicquot travel trunk makes your Champagne cooler

Inspired by founder Madame Clicquot’s drive to export her wines beyond the borders of France, Veuve Clicquot has revealed a pair of quirky new packaging concepts for bottles of its Yellow Label Champagne…

Bubbles in transit

The ‘Cliquot Arrow’ is available with a choice of 29 global destinations emblazoned on the case’s front, along with their respective distance from the company’s production house in Reims. Intended to be used as a set of building blocks for you own ‘installation’, you can stack several in the style of an old-fashioned street sign, featuring your own personal itinerary. Meanwhile, the ‘Clicquot Trunk’ is made from yellow cardboard and leatherette, and comes with stylised destination stickers inspired by those attached to vintage travel trunks.

Photos: Veuve Clicquot

Visit the Veuve Clicquot website for further information.