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Peter Monteverdi’s incredible model car collection is up for sale

In his lifetime, Peter Monteverdi not only created one of the most innovative automotive brands but also accumulated one of the largest collections of 1:43-scale model cars in Europe. There are more than 11,000 pieces in the collection, and it’s now for sale with Classic Sports Cars Holland…

Model citizen

Prior to the death of Swiss racing driver and automobile producer Peter Monteverdi in 1998, he assembled an incredible legacy of sporting coupés, limousines, off-road vehicles, and racing cars. Alongside this, his curated collection of model cars grew larger and larger, and until recently, it was on display in a charming museum in Basel. Last autumn, however, the collection was finally dissolved, and while Monteverdi’s automobiles are displayed at the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz museum in Lucerne, the jaw-dropping model car collection is now proudly offered for sale by Amsterdam’s Classic Sports Cars Holland.

Automobile history in 1:43 scale

Among the more than 11,000 model cars in 1:43 scale, there are examples from such major brands as Corgi, Dinky, Lesley, Tekno, and Märklin. With eras ranging from pre-War to the 1990s, the brand and model diversity is overwhelming — on the shelves, you will find almost the entire history of manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, and, of course, Monteverdi. In addition to important racing cars and production models, there are also countless curiosities, including Roberto Rossellini’s Ferrari 375 MM, the Regensburg Porsche 911 from B&B, the ‘Beast of Turin’, Marcello Gandini’s Alfa Romeo Navajo Concept, and even the ‘Bat Car’ by Bertone.

Scaled-down superstars

Owner David Nieuwenhuis is offering the collection as a full package, preserving the assembled model collection marvel as Mr Monteverdi himself created it. Until a suitable custodian makes themselves known, Nieuwenhuis and any lucky visitors will continue to take great pleasure in seeing the sight of automobile history in miniature; although, he’d happily trade the whole collection for a car or two — in 1:1 scale, that is…

Peter Monteverdi’s impressive model car collection is for sale with Classic Sports Cars Holland, who’s inventory can be found in the Classic Driver Market.